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I am a registered social worker with a focus on individual therapy for adults and young adults.  I maintain a practice in Downtown New Westminster, BC.  
I obtained both my Bachelors and Masters degrees in social work.  Social work is a unique field with much to complement counselling skills and practices.  I also have a strong background in mental health, mental illness, and substance use, from working in the mental health system and Emergency rooms.  This proves very helpful in understanding a client's presentation, diagnoses if any, considerations, and even medication prescribed for them by a physician.  I work with a broad spectrum of clients' struggles and their unique needs, but some things, like emotional pain, touch every person who comes to my office.
I am often able to form a therapeutic rapport quite quickly with new clients, leading to a collaborative and healing relationship which lasts the course of treatment.  I am respectfu of my clients and highly empathic.  I will loosely apply the framework of a specific therapy but adapt it, or add to it by applying other helpful approaches including seeking a client's own strengths and capacities.  I have been known to make my own creative handouts, as tools to help a specifiic client with ideas they have trouble grasping.

My practice has been shaped by my many professional roles.  In me, you will find a social worker, a counsellor, a therapist, a mental health practitioner, a health professional, and quite simply a person who cares deeply about people who find themselves in need of help.

I apply my background in working with mental illness to understand your personal mental health overall, based on symptoms you might tell me about, for instance.  As a counsellor, I use myself as a tool when trying to build a relationship with you that is genuine and healing.  As a social worker in private practice, I can deeply and uniquely understand the familial, political, societal, and historical context which may have shaped your life and who you are.  I also take a holistic approach to assessment and counselling - also called a "bio-psycho-socio-spiritual" model.  Finally, as a health care professional, I will practice competently by keeping your story confidential and by consistently reflecting on my sessions with you in order to enhance our work together.  My focus is always on you, your story, and your own wisdom... and meeting you there.

I am a registered member of the BC College of Social Workers, and belong to the BC Association of Social Workers and Canadian Association of Social Workers.


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