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Why Fern Counselling?  Maybe...

You feel alone in every crowd, and everyone always looks at you with judgment... Wearing that "I'm fine" mask is getting too hard...  You were hurt by someone taking liberties with your heart; the wound is festering and it just won't heal...  You need help to banish shame and guilt from your past to learn that you are worthy of love and self-love... You need a trustworthy ear and find yourself haunting your university dorm at 3 am, hoping for someone to ask how you really are... Your relationship isn't working out, and you feel trapped and scared...  You worry about everything - every second of every day - and are exhausted...  
You have thoughts of suicide or self-harm because you are in more pain than you can bear; such a heavy burden to carrry around.   

Never lose hope!  If you've stumbled upon this site, know that you've found a patient and caring counsellor with skills to help people find relief from emotional pain, develop a better understanding of themselves, take steps forward and achieve growth they are proud of, or even gain a new lease on life. 

My name is Clara and I am a gentle, compassionate, non-judgmental, and effective listener and therapist.  One of my goals is to help you rediscover parts of yourself that you thought were lost for good: joy, courage, hope, and/or strength.  We can't change our pasts, but we can learn to better understand ourselves and our challenges.  I often help clients unearth patterns or perceptions that may be holding them back from experiencing a more fulfilling and meaningful existence.  It is so rewarding when our work together leads to real, measurable change. 

If you're looking for support and guidance through a challenging situation, or it's simply time for an improved quality of life, I look forward to collaborating with you towards achieving your goals. Therapy is hard work, and if I made you promises about a specific outcome I would not be a trustworthy therapist, but I have seen the magic that can happen when a client is ready and motivated.   

Please call or email me for a free individual consultation today.  Please note that I embrace what makes us different and I am queer friendly.

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